Facilities & Amenities

At Nisa you’ll find restaurants and retail shops located within The Nisa Premier Hospital to make your stay more convenient. We provide delicious, personalized room service at every time.

You can call to place an order from our full list of menu. We’ll freshly prepare your meal according to your order, and deliver it to your bedside. You are also welcome to store food or drinks from home in our department patient refrigerators.

At  Nisa Premier Hospital, we maintain round-the-clock security for your peace of mind. Uniformed officers are located in every building and can provide patients and guests with walking escorts 24 hours a day to any point and time.

Convenient and free parking is available for hospital patients and visitors. Use the main hospital entrance to access the buildings.

For your convenience, a free shuttle service is available to escort patients and guests back and forth from one Building to another  Building.

Your medical team will visit you and your baby throughout the day so we can address any medical needs or questions you may have. Daily medical rounds. Your health care team will come and check on you as needed.

Nursing shift changes. Each new nurse will come to talk to you, answer your questions, and conduct a physical assessment on both you and your baby. Pain management is an important aspect of our care. Your health care team will assess your pain management needs and develop an individualized plan, as needed.

Nisa Premier Hospital is fully equipped with the latest state – of –the art equipment coupled with expertise in latest technology to deliver the best care possible.The Hospital environment can best be described as home away from home because of serenity and cleanliness.

Nisa facilities such as inter-connectivity to the world, well furnished semi private ward, private ward, an outpatient suite with 9 consulting rooms,2 laboratories for routine and IVF / PGD investigations,2 labour wards, 2 fully equipped theatres for major surgeries.

24 hours security coverage by in-house security men backed by the police. A special catering service, to meet individual patients’ dietary needs as well as cater for staff members and guests/visitors,Large car park, an amusement park for the relaxation of patients and visitors.
A standby intensive care ambulance is available to cater for emergencies when the need arises as well as three standby generators for 24hours power supply.