baby hannatu 20th birthday celebration

Happy 20th Birthday, Baby Hannatu!

Twenty years ago, Nisa hospital crossed a major milestone in healthcare in Nigeria; the first ever government-certified IVF baby was born to the family of Mr and Mrs Kupchi after several years of waiting.

baby hannatu 20th birthday celebrationEvery year at Nisa, we never fail to celebrate this day because it marked the beginning of a new era for us. Subsequently, over 2000 IVF babies have since been born.

Today, we are celebrating Hannatu who is currently studying to be a doctor at a university abroad and doing us proud.

The celebration commenced  with Dr Ibrahim Wada appreciating God for Hannatu and how far the fertility and genetics centre at Nisa has come since then. Present at the ceremony were Dr Chris Danga, the director of operations at Nisa; Dr Hananiah, the Head of Paediatrics department and other members of staff as well as well-meaning parents and kids.

baby hannatu 20th birthday celebration 3Party packs were handed out to the jolly kids in attendance, and we were all merry!