The Nisa Imaging department is one of the unique and fastest growing diagnostic imaging center in Nigeria. It has a wide range of units which employs state of the art equipment in medical imaging, combined with internationally acclaimed specialists, to deliver over 18,000 cases annually.

The materno-fetal imaging unit has given the hospital an edge over other institutions in the city.

Divisions & Services

Most of our services are rendered with modern imaging equipment which include: computed tomography machine, magnetic resonance imaging machine, ultrasound, computed radiography machine, and digital mammography machine

Gynaecological/Fertility Imaging

Our Gynaecological division utilizes the available modalities in a wide range of services:

    • Follicular tracking
    • Sono HSG
    • Conventional HSG
    • Pre ET Endometrial Assessment
    • Saline Infused Sonography (Aqua Scan)

Breast Imaging

The breast imaging division offers comprehensive breast evaluation for both screening, diagnostic and cancer grading.

    • Breast Ultrasonography
    • MRI Breast Scan
    • Mammography
    • etc

Cardiovascular Imaging

Our cardiovascular division provides a wide range of cardiac and vascular studies.

    • Adult echocardiography
    • Neonatal echocardiography
    • Peripheral vascular studies
    • Chest x-ray
    • etc.

Maternal-fetal Imaging

Our fetal imaging division provides a wide range of imaging services.

    • Fetal echocardiography
    • Obstetric scan
    • Nuchal translucency
    • Cervical length assessment
    • Anomaly scan
    • Biophysical profile scan
    • Fetal doppler
    • 3D/4D scan

Abdominal Imaging

The abdominal imaging division provides general abdominal examinations:

    • Renal scans
    • General abdominal scans
    • GIT ultrasound
    • Abdominal x-ray
    • Intravenous urography

Musculoskeletal Imaging

This division provides the needed examination of the musculoskeletal system.

    • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
    • Appendage skeletal x-ray

Neuro Radiology

This division provides a full neurology diagnosis.

    • Tremo frontanelle Ultrasound
    • Transcranial doppler
    • MRC examination
    • CT examination
    • Spinal xrays

Small Parts Imaging

This division is dedicated to diagnosing disorders.

    • Occular scan
    • Thyroid scan
    • Prostate scan

Interactional Imaging

    • Involved in several imaging guided procedures:
    • Spinal surgeries
    • Cardiac surgeries
    • Ultrasound guided biopsis

Research and Training

Nisa radiology collaborates with other departments of the hospital to carry out researched. It is also involved in training and retaining of personnel including residents and students.