Why choose Nisa Premier Hospital?

  • Expertise and experience.  Our pediatric specialists have significant expertise and experience in treating children with complex and rare diseases.


  • Team approach, tailored to your child’s needs. The needs of our patients come first. Our team of pediatric experts focuses on one child and family at a time. Working as a team, medical professionals from various specialties communicate with you to set goals and develop a customized evaluation and treatment plan for your child. We treat each child and family with compassion and respect.


  • All the advantages of Nisa premier hospital. World famous expertise, cutting-edge technology, quality, safety and appointment efficiency allow us to provide care that you can trust. Nisa offers a continuum of care throughout every stage of life. Pediatric and adult experts work together to provide the best expertise and transition of care when it’s appropriate.


  • Advanced technology and innovative treatments. Our pediatric experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques and the latest technology.


  • Comprehensive children’s hospital and outpatient services. In Nisa’s family-friendly environment, pediatric specialists work as a team to meet your child’s needs, as an inpatient or outpatient. As a hospital recognized for nursing excellence, our children are cared for by dedicated pediatric nurses. Child life specialists offer unique services for our smallest patients.

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