We all know that “prevention is better than cure” Do we really think about visiting a clinic or a hospital until  there is a sheer necessity to visit one?
At present, people all over the world are realizing that preventive healthcare holds a lot of significance and requires attention. Western countries have become cognizant of the fact that investing on preventive healthcare is more economical than to think about a hospital at times of distress.

Therefore, we aim to emphasize the merits of preventive healthcare and to help people view health positively, which would lead to good health and good life. Positive Health is achieved through lifestyle modification and periodic visits to your family physician.

One thought on “Healthy Checkup Plan

  1. I have only been to NiSA premier on 19th January 2014 during which l was diagnosed of having a little malari parasite in my system.Since then l haven’t been to any hospital.am about 48yrs.What is your advise about regular checkups.For me ,l haven’t been falling sick but learnt one should try to carry out checks as from 40yrs.thanks.

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