IVF and Continuous Monitoring of Pregnancy

At least 10% to 20% of pregnancies, regardless of the fact whether they are natural or IVF induced, are destined to fail. The failure could be through miscarriage or life-threatening conditions like an ectopic pregnancy.

A pregnancy, being the result of an IVF treatment, is luckily under the watchful eyes of IVF Specialists right from the first day. Hence, it becomes convenient as well as important to monitor such pregnancies. Such continuous monitoring ensures that the pregnancy is progressing well. This becomes all the more important for infertile couples as having been successful in conceiving only through an IVF treatment and being unsuccessful in doing so naturally, this might be their only chance to bear a child of their own. Furthermore, a good and sensitive doctor will always give his/her all to ensure that their patients receive the most out of their treatment.

Regular checking and inspecting is crucial for pregnancies on IVF patients, especially in older patients, because as it has been quite a journey for them to conceive and if their delicately achieved pregnancy is not taken care of and monitored, the chances of failure are multiplied. Thus patients must remain calm and help their doctors guide them towards parenthood.

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