Patient’s Guide to IVF – Post Embryo Transfer DO’s and DONT’s

Although there are not many things that an IVF patient, who has recently got an embryo transferred into her womb, needs to avoid or worry about. Still, there are a handful of precautions that they must take. Some of these are listed below:

Things patients must avoid-

1.  Taking too much bed-rest can actually be very harmful for both the embryo and the mother unlike what it is commonly believed to be.

2.  The patient must not indulge in activities that increase the temperature of their body such as steaming or sauna, hot tubs and more as an increased temperature might harm the embryo and hinder its growth.

3.  It is not a favorable idea to make a severe or drastic change in the diet as it can send the body into a tizzy and harm the embryo.

4.  The patients must try to avoid the kind of people who can stress them out or demoralize them in any way. It is important for them to be happy and relaxed.

5.  It can be hard not to expect of getting pregnant after an embryo transfer. Nevertheless, it is better to not expect too much and be realistic.

Things patients must do-

1.  It will be great for the patient to get involved and surround them self with positive and cheerful people who persuade them to be happy and relaxed.

2.  One must carry on with their daily chores like normal rather than taking too much rest and being inactive.

3.  It is necessary that the patients take their medications prescribed by the doctor religiously.

4.  The patients must avoid anything that they find uncomfortable to do as indulging in uncomfortable activities might contribute to self-blaming and loathing in case their treatment fails.

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  1. hello…please i want to know if its possible to do follicular tracking when trying for a particular gender of child.

    secondly, for those that cant afford a complete ivf tratment, can one just do gender selection instead.

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